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We have been providing contract manufacturing, services to key automotive customers. The services cover supply chain management, Production, Quality management, accounting and customer support. The manufacturing standard followed are consistent with customer’s global standards. All the business processes are turned to customer specific requirement.


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Specialized Painting for plastic parts

Conveyorized and batch type paint shop at our Aurangabad facility supplies variety of motorcycle exterior parts. We specialise in decorative PU painting on the plastic parts, and decal application for styling. We also process engine cover parts with heat resistant paint. Our facility is equipped with surface coating test equipment consistent with ASTM standard.

Auto & Non-Auto Part manufacturing through injection moulding process.

  • Injection Moulding Machine ranging from Horizontal 50T to 550 T, and Vertical 100 T.
  • We moulds the parts having weights from 0.3 mg to 2500 grams
  • We produces and supplies over 100000 parts/day.
  • We Processes 45+ commodity and Engineering plastic materials


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  • digital strategy
  • brand strategy
  • prototyping
  • content creation
  • project management

Surface Coating

We have both, Conveyorized and batch type paint booths, to address customers demand in terms of Quality, Cost and Delivery.

Every Month We Process:

  • 150,000+ engine cover part with heat resistance paints
  • 50,000+ PU Painted parts and also addressing hysteresis losses through painting processes.
  • 20,000+ Base coat Reflector

As per demand we kept ourselves ready for expansion in paint shop.

Tool Manufacturing

Tool Manufacturing, Sanjay techno products works on providing solution from tool Design, tool manufacturing, Tool Feasibility, Part validation and regular production to our customers.

Metal to Plastic Conversion

Catering to the future trends, Sanjay techno products decided to focus on projects related to conversion of metal products/parts to plastic. We are also specialized in section of pplymer by doing reverse engineering.

  • Forbes Ventilator Enclosure and inner parts
  • Spacer Tube (Endurance)
  • Cotton Picker machine (AITG)

Break Shoe Assembly

Established Break-shoe assembly for all types of 2W and 3W with Production capacity 8,00,000 Nos per month.

Oil Reservoir Assembly

We have achieved perfection in manufacturing of oil reservoir assembly through a technology such as hot plate welding.

Product Development

Sanjay techno products team also work on improving the aesthetics of product by working on Product Design and Development. We cater for end-to-end solution, from Product development to Product Production.

Testing Services

  • Testing of surface coated i.e. painted, powder coated, plated, pretreated, coated samples as per customer specification.
  • Collection of samples from customer.
  • Conduct test as per customer specification.
  • Communication of test result to customer periodically.
  • Provide test certificate along with tested samples & invoice to customer.
  • Guidance to customer if repetitive failure of sample observe in testing & to make it ok on passing level.
  • Guide customer for proper pretreatment process before painting, powder coating application



Over the past quarter-century, Sanjay Techno has established itself as a reputable industry player, providing its customers with high-quality auto parts and services. The company has adapted to changing market dynamics throughout the years, embraced technological advancements, and consistently delivered innovative solutions. Sanjay Techno's continued success reflects its skilled workforce, strong leadership, and customer-centric approach. As the company embarks on its next chapter, may it continue to thrive, and expand its horizons.

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